Press Release - The Way We Were

15/03/2013 - 27/04/2013

Galeri Zilberman will host the international group exhibition “Olduğumuz Gibi / The Way We Were” from March 15th until April 27th. Named by its curator Ferhat Özgür after the 1973 Sydney Pollack film, the plot of which involves an up-and-down romantic relationship between a Marxist Jewish woman (Barbara Streisand) and a carefree apolitical man (Robert Redford) accepting each other's character and world view as 'the way they were', forms the conceptual skeleton of the exhibition. By not interfering curatorially, the exhibition aims to create a dynamic and polyphonic space where the artists can present their work using their distinct tendencies and synergies.

The exhibition also differs from other non-thematic exhibitions with its energetic atmosphere created by a conflict of characters in the presentment of the artists. Having aimed for a multi-national, multi-generational group consisting of known and up-and-coming artists which include Ruti Sela-Maayan Amir, Burçak Bingöl, Çınar Eslek, Ahmet Elhan,Serkan Demir, Shaun Gladwell, Mustafa Kula, Franticek Klossner, MANON, Serkan Özkaya, Kazım Şimşek,Yuan Shun and Roi Vaara, the exhibition will host works in branches like photography, installation and sculpture.

Ruti Sela and Maayan Amir
's “Beyond Guilty” which draws attention to the political and moral views of the new generation in Israel, Burçak Bingöl's ceramic sculpture “Barbie Blues” which quests to find out how the happy-go-lucky Barbie feels when she's alone, Serkan Demir's installation “Şükür / Hallelujah” which deals with today's belief systems, Ahmet Elhan's dramatical five-piece photograpy series “Tepe / Hill”, Çınar Eslek's photographs that visualise her body's reality, Shaun Gladwell's poetically affecting video “Storm Sequence”, Franticek Klossner's photographs which create silhouettes out of silhouettes, Mustafa Kula's energetic paint patterns, MANON who examines, with her feminist approach, the concept of social gender in a music video called “Miss Rimini”, Serkan Özkaya's minimal sculpture “Esinti / Breeze”, Kazım Şimşek's large-scale painting “Narkisos” which he undertook with a new portrait tradition, Roi Vaara's performative video “The Artist's Dilemma / Sanatçının Çelişkisi” which examines present-day artist's back-and-forth between life and art, and Yuan Shun's socio-political photographs thematised by the mutation of the melting glaciers all present hints of the exhibition's conflict and coalescence areas.

“Olduğumuz Gibi / The Way We Were” can be visited between March 15th and April 27th at Galeri Zilberman located in Mısır Apartmanı.

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