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09/01/2018 - 24/02/2018

Zilberman Gallery's project space Zilberman Projects-Istanbul is delighted to host Nelli Palomäki's exhibition titled "Shared" from January 9 to February 24, 2018.

In Palomäki’s portraits, a timeless quality is revealed. She is one of those rare photographers who has inherently found the ability to emotionally merge with the subject she is observing. She combines her fiery spirit with her charm to create an environment of trust. It is through this bond that Palomäki is able to portray the innocence of her subject. These portraits seemingly emerge from the shadows in which they rest, pulling themselves to us through the gaze in their eyes. Diane Arbus, Pierre Gonnord and Francesca Woodman are all good examples of artists who, like Palomäki, have used their internal compass to navigate through the human spirit.

Palomäki’s newest series “Shared” explores the complex theme of siblinghood, a carnal bond that we are born into, decipherable in its powerful, dynamic manifestations of human relationships and familial bonds. She chooses her siblings carefully, that with each portrait, a unique binding encounter comes into effect. Palomäki’s portraits are self-portraits—reflections of momentary yet intense relationships that the photographer herself has constructed and nurtured. According to the artist: “Each and every portrait I have taken is a photograph of me too. What I decide to see, or more likely, how I confront the things that I see, inevitably determines the final image.

”Through the portraits in her solo exhibition "Shared", Palomäki aspires to capture the facets of shared siblinghood in all its physical, psychological, and emotional complexity.

For more information about the exhibition, please contact Serhat Cacekli:

Nelli Palomäki was born in Forssa, Finland, in 1981. She lives and works in Helsinki. Palomäki graduated from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 2013 after studies at the London College of Communication. Her most recent solo exhibitions include the solo shows Shared, Gallery Taik Persons (Berlin, 2017); Jaettu, Gallery Forum Box (Helsinki, 2016); Breathing the Same Air, Ordrupgaard Art Museum (Copenhagen, 2013) and Nelli Palomäki, The Finnish Museum of Photography (Helsinki, 2013). Her work Zane and August (2016) was just selected Juror’s pick by Todd Hido for the LensCulture Portrait Award.

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