Eşref Yıldırım

Eşref Yıldırım is inspirated by media representations that suggest a critique of power structures and social taboos shaping society. He focuses on the lives of individuals who are often suffocated by the pressures of social hierarchies, prescribed gender roles, and racism. His continuous dialogue with painting and his choice of recycled materials become an inherent part of his attitude towards his art practice.

Eşref Yıldırım (1978, Bursa) lives and works in Istanbul. He got his BA degree at Painting Department of Mimar Sinan University. His solo shows include; Night Residuals (curator: T. Melis Golar, Bilsart, 2022), Diary of Defeats (Zilberman Gallery, 2018), Prison for Minor Offenses (Zilberman Gallery, 2014), Salute! (Zilberman Gallery, 2014), and Nobody’s Death (Zilberman Gallery, 2012); group shows include: Karşı Pencere (curator: Melike Bayık, KOLİ Art Space, Istanbul, 2021), Apartman (curators: Lara Lakay & Tuba Kocakaya, Apartman No:52, Istanbul, 2021), Our Nature, Tapa artist residancy exhibition, Barın Han, Istanbul, 2020), Unlock (Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul, 2020), The Spirit of the Poet (curator: Jürgen Kaumkötter, Center for Persecuted Arts, Solingen, 2019), House of Wisdom (curator: Collective Çukurcuma, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham, 2018), Night: Collaborative Performance Proposal (Eski Datça Hotel, Datça, 2018), Confusion (organized by: Kopuntu, Milano Macao, Milano, 2017), House of Wisdom (curator: Collective Çukurcuma, Istanbul, Berlin, Amsterdam, 2017), Survival Kit (Istanbul, Yekatering, 2017), THE RED GAZE (Zilberman Gallery, Berlin, 2016) Transparency of Evil or Looking to the Other (Kare Sanat, Istanbul, 2015), Prison for Minor Offenses (Sinopale 5, Sinop, 2014), Figure Out, (Dubai, UAE, 2012), In Between (İstanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture, MSGSÜ Tophane-i Amire Culture Center, Istanbul, 2010), Borders Orbits 6 (Siemens Art Space, Istanbul, 2009).

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