Heba Y. Amin

Egyptian artist Heba Y. Amin grounds her work in extensive research that looks at the convergence of politics, technology, and architecture. Techno-utopian ideas, as manifest in characteristic machines of colonial soft power, are at the heart of Amin’s work. Starting from the idea that landscape is an expression of dominant political power – Heba Y. Amin looks for tactics of subversion and other techniques to undermine consolidated systems and flip historical narratives through a critical spatial practice.

Her artistic work has been shown worldwide with exhibitions: Fruit from Saturn (Center for Persecuted Arts, Solingen, Germany, 2019), Böttcherstrasse Prize Exhibition (Kunsthalle Bremen, Bremen, Germany, 2018), African Metropolis: An Imaginary City (MAXXI Museum, Rome, Italy, 2018), 10th Berlin Biennale (Berlin, Germany, 2018), A Rectilinear Propagation of Thought (Zilberman Gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2018), Geographies of Imagination (SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin, Germany, 2018), 15th Istanbul Biennale: a good neighbour (Istanbul, Turkey, 2017), Karachi Biennale KB17 (Karachi, Pakistan, 2017), 11th African Biennale Photography (Bamako, Mali, 2017), Marrakech Biennale (Parallel Projects, Marrakech, Morocco, 2016), 12th Dak’Art Biennale (Senegal, 2016).

> CV
  - Ivy
  - ''When I see the future, I close my eyes: Chapter II'' (an excerpt)
  - When I See The Future, I Close My Eyes: Chapter II
  - Recurrence 2
  - Unlock
  - I’m an Eye, A Mechanical Eye
  - A Highlight Of ‘A Rectilinear Propagation Of Thought’
  - A Rectilinear Propagation Of Thought
  - An Astronomical Determination of the Distance Between Two Cities
  - The Earth is an Imperfect Ellipsoid
  - Ultrahabitat
  - Say What?