Talk & Discussion - Diary of Defeats

17 February 2018, Saturday 4 p.m.

Conversation: Ali Duran Topuz, Sevim Gözay, Dr. Bahar Tezcan, Eşref Yıldırım

A conversation between artist Eşref Yıldırım, Ali Duran Topuz, Sevim Gözay and Dr. Bahar Tezcan about Yıldırım’s recent solo exhibition "Diary of Defeats" took place on February 17, 2018, at Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul. In relation with the exhibition, the talk "Witnessing Violence" focused on the constantly challenging difficulties of continuous experience of politically charged violent news broadcast and how it affects the daily life.

Eşref Yıldırım (1978, Bursa) lives and works in Istanbul. He got his BA degree at Painting Department of Mimar Sinan University. His solo shows include: Diary of Defeats (Zilberman Gallery, 2018), Prison for Minor Offenses (Zilberman Gallery, 2014), Salute! (Zilberman Gallery, 2014), and Nobody’s Death (Zilberman Gallery, 2012); group shows include: Transparency of Evil or Looking to the Other (Kare Sanat, Istanbul, 2015), Prison for Minor Offenses (Sinopale 5, Sinop, 2014), Figure Out, (Dubai, UAE, 2012), In Between (İstanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture, MSGSÜ Tophane-i Amire Culture Center, Istanbul, 2010), Borders Orbits 6 (Siemens Art Space, Istanbul, 2009).

Ali Duran Topuz was born in Sivas (Zara) in 1967. After completing Beylerbeyi Secondary School and High School, he graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law. In addition to his lawyer, he worked in various radio and newspapers since 1994. He took part in the establishment of the Akşam and Radikal newspapers and he was co-editor in Radikal. His international relations program called "Dünya Hali" in Radio Sputnik, he also criticized media and anchor in İMC TV. Since 2016, he has been general editor of the Gazete Duvar website and he writes.

Sevim Gözay is a publisher who produces content in the fields of culture, life and media. In Kanal D, TV8, CNN Türk, ATV, Show TV, Habertürk, Sky 360, TRT channels, she worked as director, moderator and jury member. She brought a new and dynamic breath to the cultural arts and lifestyle fields with her ‘Stüdyo: Sinematik Portakal’ (TV8) and 'Cosmopolis' (CNN Türk) programs. In 2001 and 2002, she was considered worthy of Turkey Journalists' Society (TGC) Television Arts & Culture Achievement Award. Between 2006 and 2013 she wrote more than 1500 articles on the city, life, relationships, culture, arts and popular culture in Akşam newspaper and the Nokta magazine, and made interviews. She contributed to the book titled ‘Kızlar ve Babaları’ (2011), and put her sign under the books titled ‘Kasetten Canlı’ (2013) and 'Sinemaskop Randevular' (2015). In magazines as Journo, Artful Living, Postal Kitap, Paz Edebiyat, Ot Magazine and Rejisör, she continues to produce content on cinema, literature, life and media, and every Wednesday she makes a program named “Popular” on Medyascope TV and blogs at

Dr. Bahar Tezcan graduated from Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine in 1996. In 2004, by winning the specialization examination again, she continued to specialize as an assistant physician in Bakırköy Prof. Dr. Mazhar Osman Mental Health and Neurological Diseases Training and Research Hospital. In 2009, she completed her psychiatric specialty and was appointed as an expert in Bağcılar Training and Research Hospital Psychiatry Clinic. Her research interests include Traumas, Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, Family and Couple Problems, Sexual Dysfunctions, Body Image Disorders, Eating Disorders, Obesity, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Social Phobia, Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Personality Disorders and she worked with many patients who deal with such disease. In 2012, she started her MA degree at Beykent University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Cinema TV and completed her thesis in 2014 with a presentation document of Universal Studios in Los Angeles - Hollywood.