Press Release - THE THIRD NATURE

14/05/2011 - 14/06/2011

The Third Nature

While Nature is defined as the sum of all things that have not been created or processed by the humankind, second nature is defined as the sum of all rational things: science, technology and economy, in short, any and all elements of culture shaping nature from A to Z and ensuring dominance over it.

In this exhibition that I named the third nature, it is possible to speak of phenomena which created unexpected results and even humankind cannot ensure dominance over.

This is a progression that will complete its evolution propagated by instincts such as death, destruction and being destroyed. This is possibly an agentless development that is out of control and is dragging all social and cultural structures behind it.

The third nature is now an uncontrollable mechanism that carries all structures developed by humankind into an unknown future.

Azade Köker
Nisan, 2011

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