10/12/2010 - 31/12/2010

The opening cocktail that was planned to take place on December 9th  and the representation that was supposed to take place between December 10th-31th which included photographs and videos of the the exhibiton called Amemus performed by Sükran Moral was cancelled upon the request of the artist due to security reasons.
Sükran Moral evaluated her performance Amemus as seen below:
The process from the second half of the 20th century to the present is full of examples of art performances and its derivations about politics of human body. It is a process that includes names such as Marina Abramovic and Tracey Emin and on its basis lie the revolts of hippie movement of the 1960s, sexual liberation struggles and feminist movements.  Even this alone is a political indication itself and this indication is a proof of the existence of hegemony that goverments have imposed on people. To control the body and give it the desired shape. I have always had trouble with  “taboos”  of my performances so far. I believe that instead of pure reason, the body in action can free the thoughts. At this point one of the significant taboos is “ sexuality”. Sexuality is one of the fields that goverments “forbid”. Another significant point I like to draw attention to is the coding of ignored  “gay/lesbian” relationships as abnormal in contrast to the existence of “heterosexual” relationships which are swept as veil under the table.
The lovemaking in this performance is an artistic activity. The audience (viewers) are the passive readers of this artistic event; and in this context this activity is not a “sexual demonstration” but it is the handling of  a “moral” issue. Otherwise, sex in fact is a vital reality. Perhaps the thing that can be questioned in this performance is whether there is a violation of the thin line between  “ the descending of gallery’s art” onto the earth or the ascending of sexuality as a daily fact to “ art’s ivory tower”.
The owners of the gallery told that they always give priority to artist’s freedom of expression, they also added they show respect to some of the certain sensitivities of the society we live in.


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