Do All Daddies Have Gray Suits?

08/01/2016 - 05/03/2016

Galeri Zilberman project space is pleased to announce Aylin Tekiner's project exhibition “Do All Daddies Have Gray Suits?”.

Based on a political murder which took place during the period of the 1980 Turkish coup d'état, the project reinterprets the story through the testimony of a two-year-old girl. Continuing her post-doctoral studies at the Yale School of Drama and preparing an experimental play and an exhibition in April, Aylin Tekiner carries out the first phase of this multidisciplinary art project at Galeri Zilberman.

The project focuses on one of the many political murders, that all aimed to create public unrest and legitimize the process of coup d'état. This little girl’s experiences after the murder inspire the root of this project, along with the new fiction that is formed as the lines get blurry between reality and fantasy, society and individual, and apparent and hidden. The Cappadocia region is a unique geographic wonder with its cave houses, shelters, deep valleys, underground habitations and tunnels; and its scene forms the visual background of not only this murder, but also of the project that is put on stage.

“Do All Daddies Have Gray Suits?” reinterprets in a theatrical way, a reality that is always up-to-date in our country as it is staged constantly like a theater play. While looking for the traces of the silence after the murder, the withdrawal and the fear in the neighboring town, it visualizes the memory itself and its conveyance through a surrealistic narrative language, using the substantial possibilities of artistic expression. The installation of the play consisting of shadow play, video, animation, body acting and visualized texts can be visited between 9 January and 5 March 2016 at Galeri Zilberman.

Aylin Tekiner (1978, Nevşehir): Artist and activist Aylin Tekiner lives in Istanbul and New York. She completed her undergraduate studies at the Sculpture Department of Hacettepe University’s Fine Arts Faculty in 1999 and her graduate degree at the same department in 2003. After completing her PhD studies at Anadolu University's Department of Cultural Foundations of Education in 2008, she released a book titled Atatürk Heykelleri: Kült, Estetik, Siyaset (Sculptures of Atatürk: Cult, Aesthetics, Politics) from İletişim Publishing in 2010. She has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. Continuing her post-doctoral studies at the Yale School of Drama since September, she is a member of the Collective Memory Platform, formed by 28 families of victims of unsolved murders.


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