07/01/2011 - 29/01/2011

EXISTRONG is an exhibition that focuses on humans and their minds’ reconciliation beyond visible difficulties and is nourished directly from this place. As it is, it prefers man’s very own experience of life which is woven by mistake, flaw, anxiety, and most significantly subjectivity over objective, neutral and truthful reality and candidly opens this special place to public sharing. Lie ahead artists are the visual and communication technologies with their ability to reverse this flow, to create alternative life in gradually moving life. This selection of  photographs, videos and e-datas whose boundaries are defined by pixels is composed of art’s main, all time medium struggle of existence from his viewfinder.

 Curator: Burçak Bingöl


Artist Pages
  - Selçuk Artut
  - Zeynep Kayan
  - Civan Özkanoğlu
  - Dağhan Celayir
  - Gabriel Jones
  - Nazlı Eda Noyan