03/07/2015 - 01/08/2015

Continuing with its tradition of project space exhibitions, Galeri Zilberman will host promising young artist Begüm Yamanlar's video Island. This project space, which is also open to artists not affiliated with the gallery, contributes to the realisation of new works of art through its production budget and artist grant.

In Island, Yamanlar, whose works were featured for the first time with the gallery in 2014 at Young Fresh Different 5, focusses on the multi-layered manner in which nature is perceived by nestling up the notions of time and space. A video made up of photographic images focusses on the cyclical structure of nature, the fickle relationship man forms with nature and the universe, how we perceive all of this and the notion of time.

The artist shapes the glance of the audience by integrating it into an extraordinary time flow. She takes this glance and repositions it in an ever-transforming pattern between earth and sky. As earth and sky, night and day transform into each other with this remanufactured notion of time, they start complementing each other, becoming each other's continuity provider. The glance, now having ceased to be able to be perceived as real or optical, calls for an intuitional comprehension that is as inherent as it is subjective.

“Landscape”, the subject that arguably affects artists the most, is reshaped with the digital information Begüm Yamanlar processes delicately and meticulously. She takes on this historic subject through today's material, tool and comprehension. Island aims to understand the traces humankind leaves on Earth and the information that it reaches through its existence on this piece of land by breaking the consistency of time and space.


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