Pull the Rope We're Downstairs

14/01/2015 - 07/03/2015

As the first collaboration between Zeynep Kayan and Burcu Bilgiç, the event took place as a one-night exhibition and performance this past September at Torun, an independent art space co-founded by Kayan.

Based on the idea that a space re-associates with its user at every encounter, the performance reproduces various art disciplines by coupling them with different mediums. In this collaborative exhibition/performance they overlap their experiences in this space and identify new relationships between themselves and with the space by transforming the images, sounds and motions that surface. These works sometimes focus on the distress of being alone inside and the repetitive motion itself, and sometimes get in contact with the sounds, colours and feelings of the space; and overlap and create a temporary, unpredictable and unrepeatable setup. As the videos, photographs and sounds and the two stories that have been experienced in the same space on separate occasions replicate, flow and come to life simultaneously, the improvised performance of the night takes shape. While the recordings Kayan makes with her guitar on the lower floor enter into dialogue and turn into a new story with the motion research Bilgiç realises on the upper floor, all the sounds, images and motions that were previously fixed at the space coalesce, and break down, change and spring to life in front of the audience

The performance, which takes its name from the informative note that hangs at the door of this shared space, invites the audience not just to this space but to the depths of creative thinking. The recordings of this performance and other sound and video works that are a part of it can be seen as an installation at Galeri Zilberman’s project space until March 7, 2015.


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