02/02/2012 - 03/03/2012

Aslı Torcu, young artist who lives in Paris, opens her first solo exhibition at Galeri Zilberman in Mısır Apartment.

Having completed her undergraduate education at the Painting Department of Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul and completing her master degree at the Université Paris VIII, the artist still continues her PhD studies at the same university in Paris. With her style attracting as much attention in Turkey as in Paris from the art scene , the artist embraces the audience for the first time with such a comprehensive selection. Frequently starting out with figurative data, the artist successfully creates a chromatic dream locale in her works with images appearing and disappearing along the creation process.

Eric Bonnet remarks as follows regarding the works of Aslı Torcu who considers painting as a road to cover, rather than a project set off to complete: "The figures, carried away by the forces of the background of the painting and defining and then undoing themselves in turn play a visual game with the audience. It is impossible to say whether they are essential or secondary to the painting, and the anxiety probably arises from there. The characters – often close to the artist, family and friends – are looking at us like old photos do, and they already dissolve and melt into oblivion in the chromatic bath that envelops them."

Making each viewer sense a peculiar history, "Reminiscence" can seen at Galeri Zilberman on February 3-March 3, 2012.


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