15/09/2011 - 15/10/2011

With a group exhibition composed of artists most of whom have recently joined the gallery, CDA-Projects is opening up for the new season. Artists of the exhibition are integrating their peculiar artistic languages with their again peculiar, “original” stories and approaches. Hosting different materials from installations to photographs, videos to wall application, the exhibition provides the freedom and the polyphony to “tell” of diverse things side-by-side.

“Untitled Original" brings together Selçuk Artut with his alternative look at chaos and the machine; Janet Bellotto with her lyrical expression combining nature and fairy tales; Burçak Bingöl with her visual imagination for translating “things” into a single language and integrating; Elif Varol Ergen with her sharp self-criticism on the essence of human nature; Zeren Göktan with her striking emphasis on labor, work-force and productivity; Zeynep Kayan who builds out of scratch based on her strings of probabilities; Nazlı Eda Noyan with her ideas on the genetic structuring of hope and finally Funda Susamoğlu who solidifies the artistic process through which ideas are “real”ized and become visible. Named after a special series work of Zeynep Kayan, “Untitled Original”, while effortlessly sailing in different directions, presents the audience a chance for free experience.


Artist Pages
  - Selçuk Artut
  - Janet Bellotto
  - Zeynep Kayan
  - Elif Varol Ergen
  - Funda Susamoğlu
  - Nazlı Eda Noyan
  - Zeren Göktan
  - Burçak Bingöl