07/12/2012 - 05/01/2013

Funda Susamoğlu, the young artist from Ankara, will open her first solo exhibition in Istanbul in Cda-Projects, on December 6th, 2012. 

Using various chemical components, ceramics, ready-made objects, wood and fabric in her sculptures and installations, she creates cross-correlations between human nature and studio nature. As an artist who puts “making” in the center of her artistic focus, she shares with her audience the production process in the studio and the transformations in this process through her latest work.

The toilsome process, clearly does justice to the meaning of “work”, we witness the laborious production process where she struggles to construct herself in order to rescue her autonomy in her exhibition titled Land. In this age where the flow of information and production gets faster and faster, the artist insists on using nothing but her hands, resists consumerist ideas and individuals living under a capitalist ideology. 

The exhibition consists of 4 main sections including Land itself. The work Blackbox welcomes the viewer and instead of narrating the end, it records what had happened in the beginning. The production process manifest in its bare form pays witness to a particular period of personal enlightenment. Toolswork is about dressing up in full gear, anticipating and preparing for the events to unfold. Everything quietly waits for its turn and the artist attempts to record the movements that occur at sharp moments of decision-making. Camp and Flood explores constructive ways of dealing with existence and its obligation without constant lament. The strength of not blinking an eye and not holding one’s breath as the water keeps rising is a metaphor for all that is at the center of Camp and Flood’s narration. 

In Funda Susamoğlu’s Land, we witness the humble process of the artist’s constant struggle and search to find ways of survival. This interaction gives birth to new possibilities of understanding ourselves and our nature, through renewing our knowledge and expanding our personal and mental spaces. As the earth registers information pertaining to survival, people who are able to follow the traces manage to acquire this deliberated escape plan.

Funda Susamoğlu's Arazi can be visited at CDA-Projects in Mısır Apartmanı between December 7th 2012 and January 5th 2013. 


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