04/06/2010 - 30/06/2010

CDA Projects was formed in order to support the young artists who can’t find sufficient free space rather than being a profit oriented art gallery. CDA Projects’ purpose is to support the young artists with its experiences and as a result of a unique stance that is almost artistic like, to create a platform where young artists can find the opportunity to exhibit their works and to help them meet with the contemporary art viewers, which is essential for the continuity of the art production of these artists.
For this purpose, CDA Projects has prepared its first Young New Different exhibition project in order to be presented to the art viewers in June. In the Young New Different project, limitations such as style, concept, jury, training and work structure were purposefully avoided to protect the creativity of the artists. Another important thing that was avoided in this project was handing out an award, which would inevitably lead to evaluating the artistic searches of these artists as good or bad in a competitive context. The works to be exhibited were selected among hundreds of applications not as a result of subjective choices made by a gallery but by Tomur Atagok, acting as the sole final juror.  
CDA Projects will continue this “stand” with the same care and will keep being the place where young talents can express themselves.


Artist Pages
  - Zeynep Kayan
  - Alpagut Ayberk
  - Aslı Narin
  - Aslı Torcu
  - Burçin Başar
  - Çağla Cömert
  - Ece Akay
  - Ekin Onat von Menhart
  - Elçin Acun
  - Elif Süsler
  - Ercan Akın
  - Faruk Yiğen
  - Funda Alkan
  - Gözde Başkent
  - Hüseyin Rüstemoğlu
  - Leyla Emadi
  - Mehmet Sağbas
  - Müge Selçuk
  - Seçil Büyükkan
  - Sema Kayaönü
  - Seyit Mehmet Buçukoğlu
  - Şefik Özcan
  - Şerif Karasu
  - İpek Şenel