Antonio Cosentino at Mahalla Festival 2018 'Generating New Narritives', Zabbar, Malta (11/12/2018)

Antonio Cosentino participated in the Mahalla Festival 2018 taking place in Zabbar, Malta between 17 and 25 November 2018. Co-curated by Sabine Küper Büsch and Thomas Büsch, this year's Mahalla Festival was titled 'Generating New Narratives' and presented works by Maltese and international artists focusing on language and migration, communities and diversity, new city cultures, mobile citizenship and future demands of communities. Mahalla Festival was organized by the Istanbul based association DIYALOG in cooperation with the Museum MUZA and Heritage Malta. Cosentino’s 'Port'able, 2018, a portable leather suitcase, was shown at Palazzo Zabbar.