Moiz Zilberman becomes a patron of Colomboscope Art Festival, Colombo (06/03/2019)

Zilberman Gallery’s founder-partner Moiz Zilberman was invited to become a patron of Colomboscope Art Festival by this year’s curator Natasha Ginwala. COLOMBOSCOPE is Sri Lanka’s only festival platform for contemporary art and interdisciplinary dialogue taking place across a range of historical venues in different neighbourhoods of Colombo since 2013. Along with local and international visual artists, the festival has also engaged with historians, authors, musicians, filmmakers and performers premised on a different thematic with each edition. The sixth edition of the interdisciplinary arts festival was held from 25 to 31 January 2019 and is titled Sea Change: "Ancient Lanka’s strategic place amidst the Indian Ocean trade network gave shape to a cosmopolitan lineage of social pluralism and cultures of connectedness linking distant ‘ports of call’ from Rome in the West to China in the East, waters from the Bay of Bengal to the Mozambique Channel."