Elmas Deniz, Manaf Halbouni and Mahen Perera are now represented by Zilberman Gallery (19/04/2019)

Zilberman Gallery is proud to announce the representation of Elmas Deniz, Manaf Halbouni and Mahen Perera.


Elmas Deniz (b. 1981, Turkey) is a concept-driven visual artist. Her works investigate the intersections and points of entanglement between economics and nature. The capitalism-led deterioration of nature, and our perception of it, as well as the related consumerist culture, are the central concepts in Deniz’s practice.


Manaf Halbouni's (b. 1984, Syria) artistic practice is informed by a participatory approach that spans a wide range of media and often incorporates ordinary objects and materials. In his widely acclaimed memorial piece Monument, Halbouni put three buses, upended, in front of Dresden’s Frauenkirche. In addition to interventions in public space, Halbouni also creates more classic sculptural works.


Mahen Perera (b. 1977, Colombo) constantly challenges the medium of painting, pushing its limits into spatial forms, tactile layers and corporeal realms. His work undergoes through a tedious process of manipulation where it is ripped, tied, knotted and stitched to explore different nuances of material permutation. While delicately and patiently shaping or forcefully misshaping, he extends his pictorial frame into a painting structure and object.