Elmas Deniz at the 16th Istanbul Biennial (26/06/2019)


We are proud to announce that Elmas Deniz will take part in the 16th Istanbul Biennial that will take place between 14 September - 10 November 2019, organized by The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV). This year's biennial is curated by Nicolas Bourriaud and the biennial will be shaped under the name of "The Seventh Continent”.

The Seventh Continent is an anthropology of an off-centred world and an archaeology of our times. It defines today’s art as an archipelago of diverse enquiries into global life, tracking the prints of human activity on the earth and our impact on its non-human inhabitants. One of the most visible effects of the Anthropocene, the new geological era characterised by the impact of human activities upon the planet, is the formation of a huge mass of waste that has been called ‘The Seventh Continent’ – 3.4 million square kilometres, 7 million tons of floating plastic in the Pacific Ocean.