Başak Bugay, Isaac Chong Wai and Jaffa Lam Laam are now represented by Zilberman Gallery (26/06/2019)

Zilberman Gallery is proud to announce the representation of Başak Bugay, Isaac Chong Wai and Jaffa Lam Laam.

Başak Bugay (b. 1979, Turkey) explores ways to represent the relationship between the psychic constructions of the subject and the collective unconscious in her works. Using a wide range of material and an ironic discourse, she puts forth themes like childhood traumas, denial and defense mechanisms, and sleep/death.

Isaac Chong Wai (b. 1990, China) works across a range of media, including live performance, video, photography, and site-specific installation, and considers the interplay between the collective and the individual, the politics of time and space, and real and imagined futures. His works often engage with other performers with whom Chong performs, to allow for further interrogation of notions of the social and unified body.

Jaffa Lam Laam (b. 1973, Turkey) specializes in large-scale, site-specific and mixed-media works, often making use of recycled materials, such as crate wood, old furniture and umbrella fabric. Since 1999, in her “Micro Economic” and other public/community projects, she has been connecting heritage and current affairs, and representing ordinary people through non-narrative and dialogical installations.