Janet Bellotto and Manaf Halbouni at the Ludwig Forum in Aachen (21/02/2021)

Janet Bellotto and Manaf Halbouni participate in the group show ‘Bon Voyage! Travelling in Contemporary Art’, curated by Alexandra Kolossa and taking place at the Ludwig Forum Aachen from November 13, 2020 until April 11, 2021. With around 100 works, the exhibition follows the routes of more than 60 artists and shows a selection of artistic positions from the 1960s to the present. Through paintings, installations, videos, objects, photographs, and prints, the exhibition provides an insight into the fascination and significance of travel in contemporary art at five stopovers. The exhibition is accompanied by a brochure with numerous illustrations and a travel blog on the Internet, as well as by an extensive supporting and workshop programme for all age groups.

Photo: Carl Brunn