Burçak Bingöl in the collection of Haus des Papiers (12/06/2021)

Burçak Bingöl's work 'Once Here' (2021) is part of the collection of the private museum Haus des Papiers in Berlin, Germany. The museum is dedicated to outstanding positions in sculptural and three-dimensional paper art. “Once Here" is an experimental porcelain work that rethinks paper, both as a material and as a form. Having been created in DIN A4, a standardized paper size, the work also uses paper as an active clay ingredient. Made from a mixture of clay and paper, the work was fired at 1150 degree celsius, a  temperature where porcelain hardens and the paper burns away while leaving its negative space behind. Implying its presence by its absence, paper's transformation creates a specific texture on the clay body. The addition of the visuals of wild plants, turns its surface into a micro landscape where things appear and disappear. 'Once Here' was produced for the inauguration of the museum, which focuses on the sculptural possibilities of paper art. The current exhibition includes works by Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, Burcak Bingöl, Monica Bonvicini, Astrid Busch, Thea Djordjadze, Aleksandra Domanovic, Lars Eidinger, Goekhan Erdogan, Christiane Feser, Andrea Grützner, Katharina Hinsberg, Leiko Ikemura, Ismene, Lindsey Landfried, Alex Lebus, Guy Lougashi, Max Marek, Ulrike Mohr, Jana Schumacher, Annegret Soltau, Rosemarie Trockel and Wolf Vostell. Starting from May 28th, the museum is open for visits in compliance with the current Corona restrictions. https://www.hausdespapiers.com