Chi Yin Sim participates in the Thailand Biennale (12/06/2021)

Chi Yin Sim will present her work ‘Shifting Sands’ (2017-2021) as part of her solo show at the Thailand Biennale Korat, curated by Yuko Hasegawa: "The theme for this particular Biennale is a proposal and a practice, primarily focusing on the ecologies specific to this region, in an attempt to create autonomous micro-ecologies. These 'ecologies' do not refer only to natural environments: they also encompass an entire array of elements that surround us, whether they are social, psychological, or informational.” The Biennale takes place from June 11 until September 5, 2021 and is one of Thailand's largest contemporary art exhibitions.
Image: Singapore from Chi Yin Sim's ongoing 'Shifting Sands' entitled series, which she started in 2017.