Manaf Halbouni’s solo exhibition at the Museum Wilhelm Morgner in Soest, Germany (01/07/2021)

The central piece in the exhibition is Manaf Halbouni’s new installation in public space ‘Zone’: Halbouni built a wall from oil barrels and sand bags literally blocking a street and cutting the Wilhelm Morgner museum into two parts. To see the whole show you need to exit and walk once around the museum to see what is on the other side of the wall: “With this installation I am referencing two topics. 1- walking around walls in real life is not so easy, especially if you are standing in front of a border. 2- In the latest discussions about several topics people build walls in their heads and sometimes you just need to walk around it to see what is on the other side.”  The solo show takes place from May 9 until July 18 and  is accompanied by a program with exhibition tours and talks.