Cengiz Tekin at Commagene LAR - Land and Art Biennial (23/09/2023)

Turkey’s first Land and River Art Biennial, Commagene LAR, is taking place in Kahta, Adıyaman, with the theme The Value of a Metaphor. Based on the text The Value of a Metaphor written by Prof. İsmail Ertürk from the University of Manchester, the biennial brings together esteemed artists around the world on the islands on the Euphrates River. The biennial focuses on three islands located opposite the flooded areas of the historical Nevali Çori mound. Cengiz Tekin’s installation titled The Road is located on the Cendere Bridge. Curated by Nihat Özdal, the biennial is open to the visitors between September 23 – December 23. 

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Image: Cengiz Tekin, The Road, 2023, site specific installation.