Sim Chi Yin at the Nomadic exhibition at the Jim Thompson Art Centre (21/03/2024)

Sim is showing glass works from The Suitcase Is A Little Bit Rotten and her two-channel film installation The Mountain That Hid in this group show, Nomadic, curated by Dr Vennes Cheng. 

"Nomad" refers to individuals who lack a fixed habitation and instead move from place to place. Appropriating the concept of nomadic existence, this exhibition reimagines the fluidity of one's identity and the multitude of homelands, which are fundamental conditions of Asia. The notion and composition of Asia are intertwined with the histories of human displacement. Wars, conflicts, and disputes in the region have compelled people to leave their places of birth and resettle in other countries. Human displacement represents both the past and the ongoing circumstances in Asia.

The selected artworks by participating artists from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong form a constellation that investigates and highlights the histories of human displacement in Asia, particularly in the eastern and southeastern regions. The exhibition also seeks to delineate the connections and relationships between various parts of the region and proposes a plural lens to discern the multiculturalism of Asia, emphasizing that community and identity are social articulations of differences. The Nomadic exhibition is on display at the Jim Thompson Art Center from March 21 to June 2, 2024. 

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Image: Sim Chi Yin, The Mountain that Hid, 2022 & The Suitcase is a Little Bit Rotten (Climb, Crowd and Harbour), 2022
Photo by Marisa Srijunpleang, Courtesy of Jim Thompson Art Center