Simon Wachsmuth at the exhibition My Last Will at Casino-Luxembourg (25/05/2024)

In the exhibition and the eponymous artist’s book, My Last Will, 32 artists and artist groups respond to the question “What remains?”. They individually explore their legacy and try, each in their own way, to capture the core of what makes up their goals and interests with a central statement or a paradigmatic work. In doing so, they question their presumed significance for a future they will no longer experience and whose measures of value are still completely unknown to them. “What remains?” is a question that gains a special topicality against the backdrop of the pandemic and a war in Europe, and the associated change in perspective and values.

The exhibition was produced in cooperation with Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, where it was shown from 2 July to 1 October 2023. Curated by artist duo M+M, the exhibition will be on display between May 25 and September 08, 2024 at Casino-Luxembourg. 

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Image: Simon Wachsmuth, Epitaphs, completed and pending, 2022, Sound Installation, In courtesy of Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz © Alexander Meyer