Jaffa Lam Laam at the exhibition The City Collection Antwerp: In/Sight at M HKA (17/05/2024)

The City Collection Antwerp is a dynamic initiative that aims to provide insight into Antwerp’s diverse contemporary art scene. Reflecting the spirit of the city in flux, it features works by local and international artists, from emerging talent to established names. Since its launch in 2021, M HKA and the City have been jointly developing the collection via annual acquisitions. Gradually formed through thoughtful selection, this ensemble of works remains at the museum on long-term loan. 

The 2024 iteration of the collection exhibition series focuses on artists considered key references, particularly important for Antwerp galleries. Opening together with the 10th edition of Antwerp Art Weekend, In/sight celebrates the uniqueness of Antwerp as a harbour for contemporary art. The exhibition is on display between May 17, 2024 and January 12, 2025.

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Image: Jaffa Lam Laam, A Piece of History of the Moon, 2015, Recycled umbrella fabtic, 1600 x 500 cm