Leap into the Future by Sena Başöz is on display at Yanköşe (06/06/2024)

Yanköşe, which provides a platform for unexpected artistic encounters in the city, welcomes Sena Başöz's work Leap into the Future


Sena Başöz’ project Leap into the Future revolves around bodies of young and healthy athletes, incarnating the future of the newly founded Republic, clipped out of photographs from the Yapı Kredi Historical Archive “Selahattin Giz Collection”. Titled Leap into the Future (2023), this work derives its inspiration from Leap into the Void (1960), the iconic photographic work by French artist Yves Klein (1928-1962). It blends the staging, and emancipating sensation sparked by the movement that emanates from Klein’s photograph with the pictures of athletes Başöz recovered from within the archive. Similar to those often encountered across monuments dating from the same period of the Republic’s infancy, these young athletes’ bodies congregate in this installation, caught in graceful moments of freedom, unrestrained by gravity, reminiscent of the movements of birds disencumbered from the weight of history.



Sena Başöz, Leap into the Future. Photo by Flufoto