Lucia Tallová at the exhibition (Don’t)Be Oversensitive! Emotions in Art (28/06/2024)

Where has the increased need to express emotions in art recently come from? What does this turn to emotions not just in art, but also generally in society signal? Right now, we have a chance to observe how people’s position on emotions slowly changes and also affects the way we experience and express them.


The exhibition focuses on various strategies and tools that artists use to deliver their emotional experiences and what affects their style and language. We can talk about their temperament, personality, but they are also largely affected by the environment they grew up in, their upbringing, experience, generational and broader cultural and social contexts. On one hand, we will map those works which express emotions clearly and explicitly, where they become a theme in it of themselves and where artists work with emotions mostly deliberately in order to communicate their own experience. Their work thus turns into self-expression, self-realization, a record of their psychological processes. On the other hand, the exhibition takes a look at works we do not associate with emotions at first glance, we cannot decipher them immediately, but they are present in them nonetheless. Finally, it explores how emotions used to be treated in the broader context of the history of art and across individual art movements. The exhibition will run between June 28 – September 29, 2024 at Nitra Gallery.


Image: Lucia Tallová, from the series Clouds, 2024