Young Fresh Different IX

26/06/2018 - 18/08/2018

Zilberman Gallery–Istanbul is pleased to present 9th edition of the Young Fresh Different. The exhibition will take place at the gallery’s main exhibition space in Mısır Apartmanı, Istanbul between June 23 – July 13, 2018.

Young Fresh Different is being organized through an open call for young artists as one of the different projects alongside the main exhibitions of Zilberman Gallery. Each year applications are evaluated by different and independent jury members, and this year’s Young Fresh Different selection was carried out by curator Çelenk Bafra as moderator, Elizabeth Markevitch, founder and director of ikonoTV; Ayşe Umur, collector; Burçak Bingöl, artist; and Naz Cuguoğlu as a representative of the gallery.

Young Fresh Different 9 features works of Serdar Acar, Ayşegül Altunok, Şener Yılmaz Aslan, Elif Büyüknohutçu, Işıl Çelik, Abdulhenan Doğan, Ali Kanal, Beril Or, Cem Örgen, Okay Özkan, Ezgi Tok, Ezgi Yakın, Damla Yalçın and Sinem Yeniaras.

Announced by a nation-wide open call with the aim of supporting young artists, Zilberman Gallery’s Young Fresh Different is the last exhibition of the season every year. The selection accepts all applications from artists under 35 years of age and does not have any limitations on subject or material. Also offering a financial incentive to support artists, Young Fresh Different 9 can be visited until July 13 at Zilberman Gallery–Istanbul.

For more information about the exhibition, please contact Serhat Cacekli:


Artist Pages
  - Serdar Acar
  - Ayşegül Altunok
  - Şener Yılmaz Aslan
  - Elif Büyüknohutçu
  - Işıl Çelik
  - Abdulhenan Doğan
  - Ali Kanal
  - Beril Or
  - Cem Örgen
  - Okay Özkan
  - Ezgi Tok
  - Ezgi Yakın
  - Damla Yalçın
  - Sinem Yeniaras