Neriman Polat

Focusing on socio-political issues in her works, Neriman Polat (1968, Istanbul) critically analyzes phenomena such as gender, public space, urban transformation, and forms of power from a feminist perspective. In her productions, where she touches on personal and collective memory, she creates works within the field of photography, video, installation, text, and recently ready-made textile materials that contain interventions. Between 2000-2009, the artist was a member of the Hafriyat group and during this time she attended several exhibitions with the group. In 2003, she took part in the exhibition “In Limbo” in the Turkish Pavilion, curated by Beral Madra. In 2011, she took part in the "Where Fire Has Struck" exhibition, which was held in Depo in cooperation with the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey, with the participation of 142 artists, and is considered the most political exhibition in recent years.

Among the recent solo exhibitions of the artist are “Breaking the Tablet’s Seal” ( Depo, Istanbul, 2019); “Şefkatsiz” (Merdiven Art Space, Istanbul, 2018); “Threshold” (Disambigua Art Space, Viterbo, Italy, 2015) and group exhibitions are “Olumlayan Dünya” (Summart, Istanbul, 2021); “Sensitive Intervention” (Kıraathane Literature House, Istanbul, 2020); “Çiçek Yarası” (dual exhibition with Nurcan Gündoğan, Kasa Galeri, Istanbul, 2019); “First Round” (Galata Greek School, Istanbul, 2018). The artist lives and works in Istanbul.

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