Larry Muñoz

Product of his fascination with nature, Larry Muñoz is drawn to details, little elements, and gestures. His work deals with the fragility and complexity of our relation with nature. From particular to universal, he manifests his practice through sculptures, videos, and installations that offer an encounter with organic and industrial materials from different kinds of origins and situations.

Larry Muñoz (Colombia, 1982), lives and works between Bogotá, Colombia, and Mexico City. Artistic residencies have played an important role in his artistic development and his works have been exhibited in Turkey, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Unites States, and Colombia. Solo Shows: The eternal novelty of the world, Muntref Ecoparque, Buenos Aires Argentina 2018 - Late Epiphany, Beta gallery, Bogota Colombia 2016 - Os segredos da invisivilidade, Hermes, Sao Paulo Brazil 2016. Group exhibitions: LOW-TECH, Casa Hofmann, Bogota, Colombia - Ivy, Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul Turkey 2022 - Luciferinas, Casa Hoffman, Bogota Colombia 2021, After the fire, Plural Nodo Cultural, Bogotá, Colombia 2019,   Topofilia, Plural Nodo Cultural, Bogota, Colombia 2018, Fuga Alba Saturniidarum, Salón Voltage, Bogota Colombia, 2018, Multiverse, Melaká Gallery, Bogota, Colombia 2017, OtrO, Permanent Space, Bogota Colombia 2017, Young Colombian Artist, Casa Cervantes, Tokyo Japan 2017, URRA, Del Infinito Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2016, Natural Numbers, Beta Gallery Bogotá, Colombia, 2016, I’ll call you as soon as the sun goes down, Heiska Cultural Center, Hameenkyro, Finland, 2014.

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