11/01/2014 - 22/02/2014

“Territory”, the new exhibition by the young and prolific Seçil Erel opens at Galeri Zilberman on January, 10.

In her latest work, the artist enhances the idea of space that is present at the foundation of her paintings and focuses on her own personal history through the spaces she has lived in. Detailed textures which have been constructed in geometrical series in her abstract paintings, render the architectural structures with mathematical models and present a projection of her life experience there.

In this last series, units come together to form wholes, and the things that accumulate in personal memory come side by side in an abstract exposition, on the painting surface as well as the gallery space. The compositions which the artist has created using her idiosyncratic analytical extrication, present the audience with an extended analysis advisory with its stylistic and chromatic construct. The dimensions which mathematically fold into one another, set up a strong and consistent internal order with the rhythmical structure she creates. Erel’s delicate analytical extrication follows –after the plans of the spaces her growth and development periods mirror— a time-index sequence with the spaces that served as her workshop in which she materialised her artistic work and herself as an artist. The memory consisting of the life experiences and remembrances translates itself onto a plastic planar dimension through colours and traces. The organic colours and textures that spread in every direction during the first process Erel applies onto the canvas, follow a similar procedure in reverse order, setting a strong ground for a sharp, controlled and determined construct that’s built upon it.

The work that appears at the centre of the exhibition space is a painting-installation that consists of 55 separate pieces, called “Arsan Apt: Kurgu Ev” (Arsan Apt: House of Fiction). In this work which is made up of surfaces that have been sized through systematic growth, Erel tries out a structure in which she makes architectural values clash with personal ones. Created using a pictorial mapping technique, this work institutes a structural similarity with the construct the artist has built on the surface with layers of paint. Through this painting-installation, the artist renders possible the idea of the movability of the ‘immovables’.

“Territory”, Seçil Erel’s search for her own personal history through the traces of her own painting style, can be visited at Galeri Zilberman at Mısır Apartmanı until February, 22.

Seçil Erel (1980, Istanbul) lives and works in Istanbul. Her solo exhibitions include: First Home-Leia, Alan İstanbul, Turkey (2012); Simple-Present-Tense, Cda-Projects, Istanbul, Turkey (2011). Group exhibitions she participated in include: Exhibition of the Century, Collection of T.C. Ziraat Bank, Cer Modern Ankara, Turkey (2010); Young Artists, MKM, Istanbul, Turkey (2010); My Name is Casper, 216 Thinking And Production Zone, Sümerbank & Karşı Art Works, İstanbul, Turkey (2009); Young Expansion in Contemporary Turkish Art, Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey (2005).

Erel’s work appears in many private collections.

For more information and visuals, please contact lal@galerizilberman.com.


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