Pressemitteilung - A

11/11/2017 - 30/12/2017

Zilberman Gallery's project space Zilberman Projects-Istanbul is delighted to host Gülçin Aksoy's project exhibition titled "A" from November 11 to December 30, 2017.

"A", a project that proceeds through traditional language coding, invites audiences to think about the Turkish words for "older sister" (abla) and "older brother" (abi), which lack an equivalent in many languages. Aksoy interrogates the hierarchy of "A", which emerges with birth, starting from these two words which both begin with the letter "A". The artist is conducting this investigation upon women who take time to physically distinguish themselves in this geography. Aksoy is drawing attention to the ages in which women can be themselves in conjunction with time and physical development. Working with a group of women, she is now shedding light on the delightful ages in which they are no longer "sisters" or "brothers" and are not particularly interested in being classified as women or men. The women in the project meet with the viewers during this period as, in the artist’s words, “one human offspring.”

Parallel to the project, the second leg of the exhibition is taking place under the title of "The Family Cemetery I Love" in the artist's workshop in Karaköy’s Perşembe Pazarı in Istanbul. Aksoy, between these two venues, is drawing a direct route from “BROTHER” and “SISTER” to the family cemetery. The trees the artist has assembled metaphorically along the walls of the workshop stand out as a sincere expression of the feelings of losing one’s living space and of being moved every day. The trail of trees, with the demands of being mobile, rootless and rooted, sways within the confines of existence and nonexistence. These tree silhouettes, drawn white on a black surface, in the artist’s words, continue to maintain a presence in the space just before the dark and as her own graveyard.

For more information about the exhibition, please contact Serhat Cacekli:

Gülçin Aksoy graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University with a master's degree and an arts proficiency degree. Since 1993, she has been working as a lecturer at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, and conducts the "Carpet Workshop". Aksoy, without distinguishing her artistic production from the identity of an educator, situates it together within learning and producing. In addition to her own personal works, she was involved in many collaborations, including the "Atılkunst" collective. Aksoy has held solo exhibitions in Istanbul and Munich, and has participated in many group exhibitions both in Turkey and abroad. She currently works in Istanbul as an artist and educator.

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