Pressemitteilung - INSIDE OUT

12/04/2012 - 10/05/2012

Clarina Bezzola’s Performance at Galeri Zilberman before Art Basel!

The performance titled “Inside Out // Tersyüz” of the New Yorker artist with Swiss origins which has been performed at many accomplished venues, such as Kunsthalle Vienna and the UBS Art Forum in Switzerland is now meeting Istanbulites at Galeri Zilberman in Mısır Apartments Building.

Bringing together a multitude of art disciplines with ingenuity, Bezzola shares with the audience, beyond the magnificent fiction of this performance, the uncanny adventure of her inner journey towards self discovery with an unprecedentedly rich visuality.In addition to being an accomplished painter and a sculptor, with her vocal training Bezzola is also a professional musician and she is also the creator of the poems and the numerous fabric sculptures accompanying her in this performance. A time segment of two and a half years, which she has spent, totally introverted and alone, shares the story of the self-discovery and more importantly the self-acceptance processes of the artist with the audience through this performance.

The performance is based on the idea of the body being a vessel housing our true emotions and spontaneous expressions, our true self. In our very rationally driven society I feel the need to illustrate the despair of an individual whose connection with the true self has been cut. Any uncensored and spontaneous expressions might seem inappropriate in our society. The character, while singing her sad and desperate requiem, drops her protecting walls; withheld expressions, formerly experienced as heavy burdens blossom into colorful sculptures like beautiful flowers and spill out of her plump and bulging body all around to the feet of the audience. After a complete liberation of censorship and full self acknowledgement, there is nothing left to hide.

Emotions peculiar as they are can appear threatening to the structure of society. In this performance we can witness a mirroring of our own experience of being human. With the bold staging of her own liberation story, lyrically and theatrically, Bezzola, in addition to creating a beautiful work of sculpture and performance, skillfully draws an independent and individual artist’s portrait.Having been invited to perform a special performance for UBS at Art Basel 2012, the artist’s performance, photographs and sculptures are on view between April 13th and May 10th at Galeri Zilberman in Misir Apartments Building in Istanbul.

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