08/02/2013 - 09/03/2013

Zeynep Kayan opens her first solo exhibition titled “Uncomplete” at Cda-Projects on February 9th.

Using image itself as material, Zeynep Kayan looks for new opportunities in vision and perception, using the repetitious structural setup of the variations she creates by fiddling with form. Her empirical artistic production which continuously alternates between a performative state of being and not being, re-examines the environment and the individual from different points of view.

In “Uncomplete”, image is recreated in different instances and different layers through photography and video. In this endless process where image accumulates by folding onto itself, Kayan constructs a unique visual language in which original and copy mesh inextricably. In this selection where time sometimes appears juxtaposed and at other times superposed, light and sound join in through the flowing image.

In his commentary for the catalogue of the exhibition, Ozan Utku Akgün says the following about Zeynep Kayan's work:

“It appears to me that the trend of breakup, decentralisation and occlusion in these works stems from [...] the artist's belief that the free state of the relationship in the current space is insufficient, her keeping of the things that are in the space that she intends to restructure, in a rift between existing and not existing. She tries them, tests them in other surfaces, analyses the potentiality of the pieces and starts to design a structure using the freenesses that she was exposed to. This structure refuses to give in to the forces of matter, doesn't want to be confined within the limits of self-portrait or to be contented with the data of the body and of perception; instead of keeping the encounter at the first instant of confluence, transformation and exposure, it tries to see again and again in the rift where photography and video test each other, it tries to bring a thickness to the non-existing relationship. The abundance of the style of seeing in the works that concentrate on the unseen goes in and out of the rifts to find an unparalleled experience, tests the size of the image, intends to try the limitless possibility of the image. For Kayan, this limitless possibility is not a crisis but an opportunity; the process of a venture that is shared with the audience, that takes its strength from its uncompletedness, a process to be restarted every time, left open to the touch.” 

Zeynep Kayan's “Uncomplete” can be visited at Cda-Projects at Mısır Apartmanı, 2nd floor, between February 9th and March 9th 2013.

Zeynep Kayan (Ankara, 1986)

She received her undergraduate degree from Bilkent University, Department of Communication and Design in 2008 and her graduate degree in Fine Arts from MaHKU in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Her works have been displayed at various national and international exhibitions. She lives and works in Ankara, home to the independent art space Torun, which she co-founded.


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