Pressemitteilung - 'D' AS IN VOID

04/11/2015 - 26/12/2015

Galeri Zilberman is pleased to announce Evrim Kavcar's project 'D' as in Void, to open at the gallery's project space. The project, an extension to the artist's installation at the 3rd Mardin Biennial, can be visited from 4 November until 26 December.

At the first stage of her project for the biennial, she investigated the concept of “void” through the thoughts and feelings of other people in the city in a psycho-geographic research. She went after the issue of what the connotations of the emptiness could be and where and how it was felt the most. She says, in texts where she investigates that concept of emptiness:

“Voids that cannot be filled. Voids that are filled as soon as they are identified. Voids that can be felt but cannot be defined. Voids that make one feel a pang of sorrow inside. Voids that have rivers flow through them. Voidsthat you need. Voids that riddle the mind with holes, voids that riddle spaces, places, habitats with holes. Voids drills a hole somewhere, comes out from another. It changes shape; it changes location. Voids, as the remnant of the attempts on its life throughout centuries, is heavy as stones.”

During the biennial she placed the word “boşluk” (void), shaped from iron with help from local producers, on the cavity of a specially selected rock between Old Mardin and New Mardin. While one side of this rock faces the irreplaceable void of cultures forcibly effaced throughout history, the other faces the construction site that grows by filling every void in the landscape.

Three months after it was placed on that rock, only the letter “k” remains. The experiences about the part of the lettering that made its way into the emptiness during the process, evolve into this new project as an extended process of thought, production and evaluation. In 'D' as in Void, the artist reckons with the idea of emptiness with the remaining letter “k”, her notes, and her auditory and visual material. She approaches the sole remaining letter from a shattered word as a metaphor for a personal and social state of mind. 'D' as in Void aims to work up a connection with this moment as it looks towards the outgoing and the remains with the accumulating materials. As the connections that have been made deliver the artist once again to an ongoing theme in her own artistic production, they bring together a state of mind at the social platform and personal memories. 

Evrim Kavcar (b. 1976, İstanbul); Evrim Kavcar is a visual artist who is interested in fragile and uncanny encounters of daily life. (For example, a dead fly whose wings got stuck in the cracks of a wooden table, a fake shrine among hardware shops, a sewage rat who died just before reaching the wall of a private university.) Artistic explorations of such moments unravel narratives that vary between the unseen, and the obvious; the personal and the social; the poetic and the politic. Through works made up of site specific projects, sculptures, performances, animations and drawings, Evrim Kavcar continues to work with issues of memory and transformation. Graduated from the sculpture department of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2000, Kavcar received her MFA from San Francisco Art Institute (2003) on a Fulbright scholarship, and PhD from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (2011). She has exhibited at venues such as 28th International Film Festival, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, DEPO, Hafriyat, PiST///Interdisciplinary Project Space, International Sinop Biennial, Sinopale 5, “Clusters and Crystals: Observing at Point Zero” and the 3rd Mardin Biennial.  A full time lecturer at the sculpture department of Mardin Artuklu University, she is also part of an independent team of artists who started a pilot alternative education program at Nesin Art Village.

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