Temporal Echoes

13/10/2023 - 17/11/2023

Temporal Echoes brings together the works by Omar Barquet and Carlos Aires, conveying the complex interplay of human emotions, time, nature, and memory. Following a thread of music, and poetry, the exhibition invites viewers to explore the profound depths of human experience and the enduring quest for meaning.

Carlos Aires unveils the contemporary through the lens of catastrophe, thrusting it into the spotlight with the gaze of historical and anonymous figures. His practice unfurls societal complexities through a contemporary narrative, decoding the very “cultural” codes that shape our knowledge. Within his works, individual memories, music, material culture, consumer habits, cinema, and the emotions of fear and love intertwine, inviting contemplation of their intricate dance. Aires courageously scrutinizes urgent social problems, challenging the principal institutions and figures that wield today’s hegemonic power. His works exist in a realm of duality, where the wicked coexist with the passionate, the complex with the playful, fashioning a universe ripe for exploration.

Omar Barquet’s art delves into the essence of space, time, and memory, exploring the internal human tumult. His distinctive approach lies in his analytical understanding of space, blending movement and repetition, visibility and invisibility. Through a ‘collage’ method, he synthesizes diverse inspirations, employing a ‘symphony’ as a unifying system for his projects. Barquet’s work is rooted in collecting and recycling, breathing new life into materials marked by time and use, such as flotsam and driftwood. Guided by indigenous philosophies, he champions a holistic view of relationships within communities, both human and non-human. Barquet seeks to revive ancestral knowledge and spirituality, using them to address the pressing environmental challenges of our time.


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